About Me


My name is Julian Tsai. I’m a recent graduate of University of California, Riverside having completed a degree in material science & engineering. Of all things, I love bonsai the most but my passions can also be found in cycling and hiking. I hope this blog can serve as a resource, not only for my readers but one for me to meet people and broaden my opportunities.

I began my interest in bonsai in summer of 2014. At the time I was an avid surf fisher hitting local Southern California beaches to catch perch, croakers, and the occasional shark. On my last outing instead of hooking any PRs, I found a large rock reminiscent of a mountain caught in the whitewater of the surf. Immediately I thought I tree would look cool on it and in my efforts to see if I could do so, I found bonsai. I was hooked.

Bonsai has since become a huge part and passion of my life. It’s a creative outlet for me where I can pursue horticulture, art, and instill patience and perspective in my values. There really is nothing else like it out there and I hope I can integrate it in my life for many years to come.

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